we offer locally grown fruit from 3 generations of apple growers in Bedford County who have poured heart and soul into this land for over 60 years! We'd loved it if you could swing by the Market, get delicious fruit, and meet us. However, if you can't make the trip today get to know our Boyer family more HERE

At the Orchard,


Visit Us at the Market

Currently in the Market:

- Honey Crisp Apples

- McIntosh Apples

- Gala Apples

- Cortland Apples

- Jonagold Apples

- Fuji Apples

- Golden & Red Delicious Apples

- Granny Smith Apples

- Stayman Apples

- Pink Lady Apples

- Mutsu Apples

- Bosc Pears

Also Available:

- Pumpkin & Winter Squash

- Honey

- Fresh Cider


Monday - Saturday 9am to 5pm

Sunday 1pm to 5pm

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814-839-4715boyerorchards@gmail.com | 4116 Cortland Dr, New Paris, PA 15554

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Winter at the Orchard